The excellent resources in this Foster Parent Library have been provided by Community Bridge
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Children’s Story Books:

“Kids Need to Be Safe: A book for Children in Foster Care” by Julie Nelson

“Maybe Days: A book for Children in Foster Care” by Jennifer Wilgocki and Marcia Kahn Wright

“Little Lamb, A story about Belonging” by Trudy Korfmann

“Families Change: A book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights” by Julie Nelson

“Murphy’s Three Homes: a story for children in foster care”┬áby Jan Levinson Gilman

“You Baby Brain is Loud Tonight” by Andrea Chatwin and Leanne Stam



“My Lifebook Journal: A workbook for Children in Foster Care” By Therese Accinelli

“LifeStory Books For Adopted and Foster Children: A family friendly approach” By Joy Rees



“Reparenting the Child Who Hurts: A guide to healing developmental trauma and attachments” by Caronline Archer and Christine Gordon

“Foster Parenting Step by Step: How to Nurture the Traumatized Child and Overcome Conflict” By Dr. Kalyani Gopal

“The Foster Parenting Manual: A guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home” by John Degarmo

“Keeping Foster Children Safe Online: Positive strategies to prevent cyber bullying, inappropriate contact and other digital dangers” by John Degarmo

“Why Can’t my Child Behave? Empathetic┬áParenting Strategies that Work for Adoptive and Foster Families” By Dr. Amber Elliot

“Setting Limits with your Strong Willed Child” by Robert J. MacKenzie

“Attachment Focused Parenting: strategies to care for children” by Daniel A. Hughes



“Transitioning Children From Foster Care to Adoption” By Andrea Chatwin (from a Child’s Song)


School and Learning
“Teaching the Hurt Child: Relationships between Trauma, Attachment and Learning” By Andrea Chatwin (from a Child’s Song)